Major message

The introductory speech of Celje mayor

Dear participants of Balkan Masters Athlete Championship!

It is my great pleasure and honor to be able to invite you into our city, where we will host the Balkan Masters Athlete Championship in open air, between 21st and 23rd of September. For Celje, we like to say that we are a very sporty city that can mention excellent athletes in its history as well as today. Celje hosted numerous international sport competitions in athletics, handball, basketball, judo and other sports. The competitions were very well organized and conducted to the satisfaction of both spectators and competitors.

I believe that during the days of the BAMACS competition, the results will be your first plan, but do take some time to visit our city center that can boast about its rich history as rarely any other city in Slovenia.

We, the people of Celje, will make our best effort to be good hosts so that you will be able to take many good impressions with you to your homeland.

Bojan Šrot

The Mayor of Municipality of Celje