President of OC message

The introductory speech of the president of organizational board of BAMACS2018

Dear Athlets!

It is my great pleasure to be able to invite you to AD Kladivar Stadium, where we will host the open Balkan Masters Athletes Championship, between 21st and 23rd of September 2018.

Kladivar Celje is an athletic association that has won over a thousand titles of Slovenian and Yugoslav champions in all categories. More than five hundred of our members has competed in the T-shirt with Slovenian or Yugoslav coat-in-arms imprinted. Our members have corrected different records more than a thousand times, among others – the record of world’s running at 80 m with obstacles. They won medals, both at the World and European Championships as well as in the Balkan games, while 23 of our members participated in the Olympics. The Association Kladivar Celje was the organizer of numerous international athletic rallies (Bloudkov Memorial, Mitting of the Celje Counts), and in 1976 we organized first Balkan Athletic Games.

We can well say that we are the only club in Slovenia managing the Athletic Stadium with the hall, so we firmly believe that this year’s BAMACS will be more than well organized.

Welcome to Celje and welcome to Athletic Stadium Kladivar Celje!

Stane Rozman

President of Athletic Association Kladivar

and president of Organizational Committee BAMACS 2018