President of ZAVS message

President of ZAVS message

Dear Veterans,

It is our honor to host the Balkan Masters Athletics Championships Stadia 2018 that is organized by the Veterans Association of Slovenia and Athletic Club AD Kladivar Celje – a club with a prominent athletic history. In last decade there has been a European Masters Athletic held in Ljubljana in 2008 and Masters Balkanijada in Domžale in 2011. This time the respectable competition will be held for the third time and in the third largest city in Slovenia – Celje from September 21-23, at the stadium “Kladivar”. This is certainly a proof that Slovenians are great organizers of masters’ athletic championships.

Slovenian athletic veterans are the holders of numerous excellent results, recordings and excellent awards. There are national record holders and champions. The small size of the country does not mean less superior results. On the contrary! In recent years we have seen an increase in active membership in our national association ZAVS – Association of Athletic Veterans of Slovenia. I can say that this is the result of a change in the thinking of people in mature years and the result of the work of ZAVS, of every member of the association. Veteran athletics has become a way of life, a way of achieving personal victories and exceeding its own borders.

Large competitions, that BAMACS 2018 truly is, are opportunities when we prove repeatedly that there are no borders for us – not in sport, let alone in friendship. Old friendships are renewed and strengthened, new ones are built.

On this occasion, I invite all athletic veterans to participate in this event in as many numbers as possible, to test themselves in many disciplines.

I wish all the participants of BAMACS 2018 to achieve as many personal victories as possible (without sports injuries) in the town of Celje.

Mišo Matijevič

President of ZAVS (Association of Athletic Veterans of Slovenia)