Technical Rules

Technical rules


  1. The Balkan Association of Masters Athletes (BAMA) Championships are organized by the Slovenian Masters

Federation and Athletic club »Kladivar« from Celje. The competition will take place in Celje during the period

September 21st – 23rd , 2018, at Athletic Stadium „Kladivar«.


  1. The 28th edition of the championships will be conducted in compliance with the IAAF and EMA Technical Rules, and in agreement with the BAMA Statutes and the present guidelines issued by the Local Organizing Committee.


  1. An athlete shall be eligible to complete in an age group competition under these Rules if he (she) is of age within the age range specified in the relevant age group classification. An athlete must be able to provide proof of

his age through presentation of a valid passport upon request. An athlete who fails or refuses to provide such proof shall not be eligible to complete. The XXVIII Balkan Masters Athletics Championships Stadia are open only to men and women who were born before September 21st, 1983 and who are physically fit.


  1. The registration of the competitors will be done online by the relevant National federation who will receive a user name and password for access to the registration form. Deadline for the registration is until August 31st 2018.


  1. The competition is open for competitors from countries which are not members of BAMA; they will not be included in the official ranking of BAMACS, and can send applications in time to email:


  1. Each participant may compete in no more than 4 disciplines individually, maximum 2 disciplines per day, and in



  1. The preliminary time schedule of the competition is announced on the website:

The final Time table will be ready at least three days before the competition.


  1. The registration fee is € 15 +1€ (doping). Any additional event has an extra cost of € 5 except half marathon which is extra cost 10€. Relays fee is 10€ per relay.


  1. The registration fees should be transferred to the (specially dedicated to BAMACS) account of the:




ACCOUNT NUMBER: SI56 0510 0801 5088 051

RECEIVER: AD Kladivar Celje, Stritarjeva 24, 3000 CELJE, SLOVENIJA



  1. No application will be approved after deadline. Local Organization Committee must be informed regarding all changes applied to the registered entries before the Technical Meeting on the 20th of September 2018. These changes refer to corrections of the personal data of athletes already registered. New registrations are not accepted. Changing the events for an athlete is not accepted either.


  1. The start lists will be published on the website at least three days before the competition begins.


  1. The Technical Meeting to be attended by the Team Managers will be held on September 20th in the press room located at the stadium at 18:00h. Maximum two representatives of each country will be admitted to the Technical Meeting.


  1. Registration Center and numbers (bibs) pick up. Date: Thursday September 20th, 2018 from 14:00 to 18:00h. The Team Managers have to pick up the registration numbers (bib) and the runner’s packages exclusively from the Registration Center.


  1. Each competitor will get two start numbers which should be worn in front and on the back. Exception includes jumping and throwing disciplines in which competitors should only wear one start number, either on front or back. Additional start numbers with country marks will be given in relay race.


  1. All athletes must compete in the sport uniforms and colors of their national teams.


  1. The Opening ceremony will take place on Friday, September 21st 2018 at 14:30h. Each country must be represented by a group of athletes who will participate in a ceremonial defile during the opening ceremony.


  1. All the events will be holding on the main stadium except half marathon that will be on the special road track in the city of Celje. Weight throw will be on the throwing area opposite to the main tribune.


  1. The warm-up area is located at the northern part of the stadium out of the track and in the hall under the main tribune. No warm-up will be allowed on the main track and on the grass area of the main stadium!


  1. All participants should register in the Call room. Application time in the Call Room for all events will be 20-50 minutes before the start, depend of the event. Competitors who don’t register on time will not be allowed to compete. All competitors will be accompanied to the competition area by officials.


  1. Spikes shall not exceed 9mm, except in the High Jump and Javelin Throw, where it shall not exceed 12mm.


  1. In the Vertical Jumps, each increase of the bar shall be uniform throughout the competition: 3 cm in the High Jump and 10 cm in the Pole Vault.


  1. Instructions to athletes at races will be given in English according to IAAF rules.


  1. Athletes may start from either block-start or standing position at their own choice.


  1. In the Track events, only one false start per race shall be allowed without the disqualification of the athlete(s) responsible for the false start. Any athlete(s) responsible for further false start in the race shall be disqualified.


  1. The relays teams will combine two age categories for men and women in the following groups: 35-44, 45-54,

55-64, 65-74, and 75+. Each country can register up to two teams per group. The second national team will not be competing for the medals.


  1. Entries for relays must be submitted to the Organization Committee at least 24 hours before the start of the event and finally confirmed no less than 2 hours before the actual start.


  1. The Competition Director has the executive authority. For the official objections the Jury of appeal is formed by: competition director, head of judges and technical manager of BAMA.


  1. For any official objection 100 € fee should be paid. If the objection is rejected, the money will be kept. The objections must apply in no more than 30 minutes after the results are announced.


  1. The medal ceremony will be held in a specially designated area approx. 30 minutes after the results are posted.


  1. During the whole competition emergency medical assistance will be provided by the organizers.



Events are divided into age groups and shown below:


M + W 35 – Born From 22 September 1978 – to 21 September 1983

M + W 40 – Born From 22 September 1973 – to 21 September 1978

M + W 45 – Born From 22 September 1968 – to 21 September 1973

M + W 50 – Born From 22 September 1963 – to 21 September 1968

M + W 55 – Born From 22 September 1958 – to 21 September 1963

M + W 60 – Born From 22 September 1953 – to 21 September 1958

M + W 65 – Born From 22 September 1948 – to 21 September 1953

M + W 70 – Born From 22 September 1943 – to 21 September 1948

M + W 75 – Born From 22 September 1938 – to 21 September 1943

M + W 80 – Born From 22 September 1933 – to 21 September 1938

M + W 85 – Born From 22 September 1928 – to 21 September 1933

M + W 90 – Born From 22 September 1923 – to 21 September 1928